"I'm used to talking to men in strip clubs."

Stripper slash prostitution. Prostitution. In Las Vegas, Nevada. Showgirl Video. It's was ok.  There's not a lot of great money in that industry right now. If I was lucky I would leave there with six dollars. You go to do what you gotta do. It's all a hit or miss. You can have a good day or a bad day. It all depends on what man comes in at what time. 

The economy out there is still struggling. And not enough guys were coming in to see us. I think it's being affected by porno. Free porn. You can get porn videos anywhere you know for cheaper then what guys want to pay to see a girl dance or come you know, fuck a girl here. So you know it's all basically who the guy is. What he wants to do.

I wasn't really nervous because I'm used to talking to men in strip clubs. You know trying to lure them into the private shows. Get them into the private booths. I'm used to a clientele. Talking to them. Knowing what I got to say to get them.

Usually I work 2 pm to 2 am. I'm usually out there in the parlor. You know hanging out, waiting for a guy or I'm in here waiting for the bells to ring. To tell us to line up. A guy you know wants to choose you out of a line up. So it's all really laid back and relaxed. You don't really have to worry about too much problems or party people getting in trouble.

You can't be nervous when you want to make money when it's what you want to do.

Stacey Thomas