"They pick you out of the lineup."

I'm a legal prostitute. It's hectic. It's stressful. I make money doing it. It's actually harder than the average job. You have to learn how to talk. You have to learn how to dress. There's really strict limitations to what you can and cannot do when it comes to customers to get their attention. You can talk to them. You can't let them physically let them touch you without paying. 

The lineup is where they ring the bell a bunch of times because there's somebody who want's a lineup. You tell them your name. You introduce yourself. You can't talk other then saying your name. And they pick you out of the lineup. And when they pick you, you give them a tour and you negotiate your price in your room. And then if they want to party, which is what we call it, partying, which is if they want sex or any type of sex, then they pay the cashier. Then you come back to your room. You have a sheet laying on your bed and they have a towel so they can take a shower and you also  have to check their pubics to make sure they don't have anything wrong or any open sores or anything like that. Anything you do, you have to use a condom. 

We try to put makeup on and do our hair. We wear heals all the time. Just try to make yourself as attractive as you can. It's nerve racking because you really want to get picked to make money. There are guys that creep you out but you still have to do your job. I look at it like a dollar sign. Actually I'm not enjoying it at all. I'm just do my job, make money and go home. Actually I fake a lot.