"My highest paid show was 1650."

I am an escort, call girl, extraordinaire. Your typical working girl, prostitute, harlot, hooker, whore, whatever you want to call us.  I've actually been working the last 3 1/2 almost 4 years. Anal is always always extra for me. Depending,  100 to 200 dollars. The bigger somebody is the more I'm going to charge him. 200? Probably between 5-6 inches. It's not so much the length as it is the width. I do a lot of role play. Daddy fantasies. 

My highest paid show was 1650. It was like 4 hours. Tons and tons of fucking and he actually had a whole thing setup. He had video cameras and he wanted me to talk to the camera while he was jacking off. He had a whole thing that he had setup and he had planned for months ahead of time.

I have cute feet so I always get guys that want to suck on my toes. I've got a pretty decent chest. So like if a guy wants to titty fuck me it's another 100 to 200 dollars.

Stacey Valentine