"I even have a fetish about men in wheelchairs."

I'm a working girl. I'm a professional lover. It's a lot of fun. I like older men. I even have a fetish about men in wheelchairs. And maybe blind guys or deaf guys. The kind of people that normally probably couldn't find, you know a pretty girl on the outside. I like to be able to provide that to them. I'm almost living vicariously through them. You know getting to be with a hot girl and not you know having that opportunity. So it's extra exciting.

Like to be dominated. I also like to be, like I said before to give a guy, like a virgin, maybe a guy you would call nerdy and be able to give them that experience. It's like extra erotic. Like for instance when I look up porn I don't look up the hot guy, the muscles or the blonde chick with the big boobs. You know that's too vanilla for me. I look up you know maybe old men and you know younger girls or maybe a fat chick with two young guys or you know two ugly people or something. It's gotta be different for me to. I guess I need more stimulation. I guess. Or simulated.

Well it's almost the same as some of the guys that comes in here. He lays on his back you know and I get to work. And then you take viagra and it all works and everything. You know not for everybody. But there's other things you can do. Even if you don't have a working member. You know you can kiss. You can do 69. You can play with toys. You can just lick all over the body. For guys in a wheelchair that are numb from here on down. The ears are a really good part and kissing is important. 

Amy Page