"It's called a party."

I'm an entertainer. When you entertain a guest it's called a party. I don't party. I don't do drugs or drink. It's called a party. When you entertain a gentleman that's what they call the time you spend with the client who seeks your time. It's a party. It doesn't mean I'm out drinking and doing drugs. It's not like, party! Party is what is described as our intimate one on one time. When a client seeks our affection and our time, we come in private, we negotiate that time. It's booked through the office and then whatever we have agreed upon we come in private and we handle it private or set out on the town. The limo can wisk us to anywhere in the Nevada limits. I've been to Vegas, I've been to downtown Reno. They really want the companionship. They really want someone to spend the day with them because they have a million things to do and they want someone to accompany them. The day is how they want us to spend it, whatever they're seeking our time to be. Whether it be just a simple sex act or staying the night or staying a couple of nights. In an instant I can be kidnapped. I'm a slave for three days.

It's a wonderful place.