"I like being a prostitute."

I'm a prostitute. She gets paid for having sex. All kinds of sex. I've fucked like on an average, like a week, maybe 15 or 20 or more. If I have a good connection with my client that I remember. I always do have an orgasm. I do because it makes the party better if we both climax. There's a certain peak in the moment when I do. Not right when he puts it in.

I mean you have to be able to separate your emotions from business. At the end of the day it's still work. I feel like it's work. Not a regular job but it is work. I really wouldn't want to have another job. I like it here. I like being a prostitute. Because I make a lot more money then a regular job would. I have high self esteem. 

My parents, my family and my friends they know I work I mean they know I'm a prostitute. Well my parents. I'm not a little kid. They don't pay my bills.

Like during the week I work 12 hours and then on the weekends I work 15 but I always work like longer then that. My shift can start at 3 and I go to bed like 7 in the morning. I work long hours. I get tired. I take power naps and red bull.

Roxi Ryder