"Sex is always fun."

I came here to explore my sexuality. Kind of find my place. I like to have fun. It means that I like to try new things. Toys are fun. Sex is always fun. If you make it fun. I make it funI like doggy style. Definitely. It just turns me on. I like a little hair pulling. I love it. 

Men? I love that they're so naive. It's fun. Men are interesting. They're sweet. They're charming. They're silly. Men are men. What can I say. Oh women are beautiful. I love women. Especially the women here. They're gorgeous. I love women. Especially women with the long hair. The women with the big butts. I'm a butt person. Not so much boobs. I don't even have boobs. But I'm a butt person.

You know the crazy thing about it is I don't even call myself a hooker. It's not even in my head. Isn't that crazy? I'm just fun. I just feel like I'm offering a service to men maybe woman, who knows. Yeah but i'm offering a service to people and it's a fun job. You know you can't really say anything unless you've actually been here, you've actually tried it. I just love it here. I'm just thankful for this opportunity.

I've only been doing this a week. I would say I've had sex with 4 or 5 guys. But you know as I go along I'm not going to remember most of them.

Gracie Graves