"I'm very sensual and very sexual."

I'm a Courtesan. That means we are very versed in the sexual industry and able to speak to the gentlemen about their interests and their desires and able to please. Not only on an emotional level but on a mental level too. We aim to please them with their fantasies. Whatever fantasies they have. To fulfill their desires.

I haven't been doing this very long. I just started. I've come to the realization I enjoy pleasing and I'm very sensual and very sexual and I very much enjoy getting to know and understand what the men's needs and desires are.

I have gentlemen that ask me if I'll just hold them. I consider that interesting because usually men are dominant. And here they can be whoever they want. I think my two years of schooling in psychiatry helped. 

I think I'm going to do very well. I think I'm going to be very successful. I do what not a lot of woman do. I listen. And I'm very emotional. I'm attentive. The reason why I got involved in this is because I wanted to go back to school. And working as a bartender or a waitress you can't make that kind of money to go back to school. Or help a family out. And the economy is a bit down. There is one thing. People always need to be listened to, heard and loved. And appreciated. If you can deliver that you can be very successful.

I have great expectations.