"They spoil us with money."

I'm a working girl. I go to the lineup. I do my job. People come here and pick one girl in the lineup. If I get a chance to be picked up I go with them. They can something on their mind [sic] like doing party, so I bring them to my room and I talk about what they want. What they need. What they have on their mind. So after that if we agree with their decision I bring them to the office and voila!

It is exciting sometimes when you find out the client is a very interesting guy. I enjoy it. If you don't like what you're doing don't stay here. This is the famous place in the world. People come from all around the world, look at us like we're famous, like very mysterious woman and why we do that? Because we want to please the people. They want to be pampered and spoiled by the girl next door. Sometimes they have fantasies.  So we help them as we can to make them happy. And they make us happy because they spoil us with money. This is the kind of profession you can become very wealthy.

Angelina Monroe