"I'm a hooker."

I'm a hooker. It first started when I was working in China. I went to the university there. I kinda got involved in the sex industry over there. And I came back to the states and I did some independent escorting. And I just realized it wasn't going to be that safe and decided to do it legally and came out here. I'm really happy here.

I was doing it in Arizona. I got arrested once and then the Department of Homeland Security was investigating me. And I got robbed and blackmailed and got beaten up a few times. So it just isn't worth it. It's not safe out there. Well when I was working out there, my working name out there was a Russian name and I used a Russian accent when I was working and I think one client, I don't know who told on me but I think a client said maybe that I was illegally trafficked, like underaged, like sex trafficked. This sounds like pretending to be Russian, so they thought that. A lot of times a client wants to ask a lot of questions, if I use an accent I can act like I don't know what they're saying. It works out.