"A quickie's 15 minutes."

My flat rate charge is the entrée. They always have to pay that flat rate charge. If they want a side, they're going to have to pay more for it just like in a restaurant. My ad shows 250 an hour. Some places I charge 300 an hour. I will do quickies for 120. A quickie's 15 minutes. Couples, fetishes, role-play, just fantasies, stuff like that. It totally depends. Role-play I would charge anything from 30 to 80 extra. They would have to tell me exactly what they want from me so I can charge accordingly. Foot fetishes normally 20 to 40. 20 is the low-end if they just want to play with my feet. If they want to get off on my feet it's the high-end. Couples are if it's two males, the price is doubled. If it's a male and a female, a female is 150 extra. 

Well I also do out calls and out calls I charge an extra $150 for that. I actually have a foot fetish guy, a regular, we've never had sex, he tells me I have to lay on my stomach. He will be holding one licking and kissing and sucking on my toes and the other one will be on his balls kind of kneading them and he will get off that way. Now the strange thing about this is he brings this big mirror with him. I don't always know when he gets off because I'm not touching his penis.